Do I Need A Travel Advisor

Only you can decide if you will benefit from using a professional travel advisor to plan your vacation. 

Travel advisors use our experience and direct relationships with suppliers to sift through the sea of options available for clients. The travel industry is constantly in flux, and travel advisors were instrumental in helping to stabilize the environment after COVID-19 travel interruptions and cancellations. For some travelers, the comfort and ease of knowing that an advisor will be there through all aspects of their trip - from the time they start planning, to the day they return - makes working with a professional advisor essential.

At You Too Can Go, our role is to serve as advisor, advocate and a helper to you. We can source properties and activities, make arrangements, and set up an itinerary that meets your goals. If you have questions or something goes wrong, we tap into our network to access suppliers and properties so that you don't need to spend your time spinning your wheels, managing plans, or being frustrated. Simply put, we are in your corner.