About Us
Emily Copeland, Agency Owner and Advisor

In 2021, Emily Copeland decided to make a change from SVP to business owner. After months of exploring opportunities, she kept coming back to the one business that would allow her to balance her corporate expertise and personal passion for travel and she started You Too Can Go Travel Agency, LLC. Emily has traveled extensively with friends, family and on her own. With each personal experience, she has treated travel planning like a job, thriving on organizing, preparing and researching. Launching a travel business has allowed her to bring her passions for business management and travel together. 

Knowing what travel has meant to her own life and growth, she established You Too Can Go Travel to help others identify and meet their travel goals.

Our Experience

Owner and advisor Emily has personally traveled by air, sea or land to over 30 countries in Europe, the Caribbean and North America. In addition to her own experience, her agency is linked to an extensive network of over 200 travel suppliers with expertise in every destination and all aspects of the travel experience.  You're never alone when You Too Can Go Travel is part of your journey.