Our Fees

Travel advisors are compensated by the clients who hire them, the suppliers they work with, or both. Like most service focused travel agencies, our agency fees are designed to be reasonable for the value we expect you to receive by using our services. We charge fees that reflect the time, effort, and infrastructure investment required to create an exceptional vacation plan for you. We will always disclose any Agency fees you will be charged before fee-based services are performed.  

We offer different levels of service, and our agency fees vary and generally increase based on the level of service requested. Most importantly, our agency fees are covered by our Service Assurance Program. Once you return from a booked vacation, if you decide that the service we provided to you was unsatisfactory, you can contact us to request a full refund of the agency fees you paid for that trip!

 Our service and fee schedule follows:

  • Level I Service (typical fee $0-100): Usually a single booking for a hotel, rental car, activity, etc. See below for air only bookings. Flight only bookings will incur a minimum fee of $35 and flight only bookings are not included in our Service Assurance Program.
  • Level II Service (typical fee $150-300): Usually a vacation package including up to three components such as flight, hotel, transportation, activities, cruise, etc.  
  • Level III Booking (typical fee $350 and up): Complex vacation planning including four or more components and/or multiple destinations or transportation modes, personalized services and specialized recommendations.  

Fees for groups are determined based on group size and trip complexity.

Trip or trip component cancellation fees may vary and may include any and all fees assessed by suppliers and the agency.

Agency fees are billed separately from other trip costs and are payable through our third party billing system. Trip costs are typically made on behalf of the client by the agency using a secure credit card authorization process.